Most people are surprised to find that I do not perform stucco repairs, yet they are comforted when they realize that I have nothing to gain when damage is identified during the stucco inspection process. As a neutral third party inspector, my neutrality is what makes my reporting so strong.

So as you start you quest for finding a reputable repair firm, I have compiled a list of questions to ask.


1) STUCCO INSPECTIONS - Do you perform stucco inspections? Reputable stucco repair firms do not perform stucco inspections for homes that they are going to perform the repairs. They will recommend that you have a neutral third party perform the inspection and they will use the stucco inspection report to formulate their bid.

2) STUCCO REPAIR EXPERIENCE - How long has your repair firm been specializing in stucco repairs? Many firms only do stucco repairs when the normal stucco installation work flow gets slow. Stucco repair work is much different that new stucco installations. We recommend that you use a firm that specializes in stucco repairs full time.

3) COMPANY NAME CHANGE - Has you business ever changed its name? How many times? When was the last time? What was the reason for the change? We have been hearing lots of stories about firms that get into trouble, close shop, and then immediately re-open under a new name.

4) STUCCO REPAIR INSURANCE - Do you have proof of “Commercial Liability Insurance” that specifically covers stucco? Commercial liability insurance companies do not automatically cover stucco. In fact, most waive stucco and they require an expensive special rider for stucco coverage. We recommend that you get the firms insurance information and then call the insurance provider and verify that they have coverage for stucco repair work.

5) WORK PROPOSAL - Do you provide a detailed bid proposal that clearly describes the scope of work? We have seen 8 page proposals and we have seen ½ page proposals on the same house. We caution clients about firms who provide ½ page repair bids. It is important to understand the full scope of the repair bid so that you can see the steps that the bid includes. Ask the low bidder what steps they are not performing in order to achieve the lower bid. Ask the high bidder what steps they are including that the other firms are not providing. We usually find that the lower bidders are cutting corners and not taking every needed precaution to ensure that there are no future damages resulting from the repair. A reputable firm will take the time to explain every needed step in their proposed repair process.

6) ADDITIONAL COSTS - What should be my anticipated additional costs? What portion of the repair bids are fixed and what portions are open ended and subject to being increased during the project? Stucco repair firms can only make a firm bid for what they know needs to be done. This means that more repairs may be needed inside the wall once it is exposed. These firms cannot accurately bid on dry rot until they can see how much needs to be replaced. Ask them directly how much you should anticipate needed to budget over the bid proposal. A reputable firm will not dodge this type of questioning and the discussion is much better handled before the contracts are signed and the work commences.

7) LAWSUITS - Have you ever been sued for poor workmanship? Do you have any complaints filed against your firm? Don’t be surprised if they have been involved in lawsuits. Reputable firms do not dodge this question. Instead, they will share details and explain how the issues were resolved.

8) GUARANTEE - What is your guarantee? What does it cover? What are the limitations? Is it a third party policy? Ask about the details of any guarantees or warranties. Beware of fluff policies that don’t really cover anything. The proof is in the fine print details.

9) CERTIFICATIONS/TRAINING - Do you have any specific certifications, training, or credentials in repairing stucco? It is always interesting to see what additional training repair firms have.

10) REFERRALS - Do you have a list of satisfied clients? Call these past clients and ask about the repair experience. Drive to their home and look at the quality of the repairs performed. Ask them if their job site kept tidy, or did it look like a war zone during the repair process? Was the work performed in a timely manner? How close was their repair bid to the actual job cost? Would they use the repair firm again?


WHO SHOULD WE HAVE PERFORM THE STUCCO REPAIRS? That is a great question. I have a quick list of stucco repair firms that I have found that do good repairs. The list could be much longer, but I only list those firms that I have seen perform good repairs. And before I share their names and numbers you must remember two things...

1) NO FINANCIAL GAIN - The stucco repair firms do not pay to be on my list.

2) THE PRINCE AND TOAD SYNDROME - While these firms may have been a prince for past clients, they may be a toad for you. If I learn that they are doing shoddy work, then I will toss them quickly from the list.


My current list is once again very small...


Ram Builders, Inc. · Dennis McCoy · 801-796-9599 ·

MLC ENDORSEMENT - I have found that Ram Builders performs the work the way it should be done. They have stucco, roof, brick, and flashing specialists all in-house. This prevents multiple subcontractors diverting the blame if there are issues after the repairs are completed. Their repair proposals are detailed and they include all of the steps necessary to do the job right. I refer to them as the benchmark that all other repair firms should aspire. Their repair bids are usually higher than the majority, but this is because of the more complete scope of repairs.


MLC ENDORSEMENT - I recommend Brady Goddard for specialty stucco repairs. Brady has been involved in many upper end EIFS and hardcoat stucco repairs and he specializes in stucco and flashing issues.

Brady Goddard .... Brady Goddard – 801-637-0807
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