Stucco is a confusing topic for many. Terms such as hardcoat, traditions, Dryvit, EIFS, synthetic, polymer topcoat, and on and on, ar so very confusing. This section is devoted to hardcoat traditional stucco, although you will see many references to EIFS for comparison. It is our hope that our website can convey the detailed information needed to allow you the ability to make sound decisions regarding properties clad with hardcoat stucco.

Many real estate industry professionals immediately think that traditional hardcoat stucco homes are somehow better off than EIFS clad homes. This is not true. There are issues with every type of exterior cladding. with a big scarlet letter instead of giving each structure the chance to tell its own story. This is where we, at Michael Leavitt & Co Inspections, Inc., really shine. We are the best stucco investigators in northern Utah and we let the home tell the real story. We do our very best to accurately report what the home tells us is really going on behind the stucco system. We look forward to performing your stucco inspection.

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