We have built our business on a solid reputation of service, detail and thoroughness. Odds are that you heard about us from another satisfied client, home inspector, or an informed real estate professional. If you were looking for the "Cheapest EIFS Inspector in Town" then you have come to the wrong place. If you are looking for the "Most Qualified EIFS Inspector in Town" then you have come to the right place. This is especially true when looking for an EIFS professional to perform you Moisture Intrusion Evaluation. If there is moisture damage, then you want it to be identified. The last thing that you want is to be pacified by a cheaper, under-qualified, and/or "Everything is Peachy w/More Caulking" EIFS Inspector.

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The fee varies greatly on the size and difficulty of the structure's access. For example, a four sided one story rambler is considerably less than a 3-story, set into the hillside, mansion with 14 separate exterior wall surfaces. The mansion requires extensive ladder work and rappelling gear to complete the inspection.

The general calculations are as follows:

  • $385 base fee.
  • $50 for each different main floor EIFS clad wall.
  • $75 for each additional story wall (each 2-story wall would be $50+$75)
  • $50 or more for architecturally detailed entryways.
  • $50 for EIFS clad window boxes.
  • Dormers vary from $25 to $75 depending on the accessibility.
  • Additional fees for the degree of risk for work over 24 feet off the ground.
  • Additional fees may be added for difficult crawl spaces..... Yes, a full evaluation of the crawl space and perimeter wood structure at the foundation is a vital part of the EIFS evaluation.

So let's put this into a practical situation. The structure is an 8 year old 2-story 3,600 square feet with both brick and EIFS. The home has an elaborate EIFS detailed front door entry. It has an 8 sided footprint because of the large attached garage. 3 sides the structure is 2 stories while the rest is only one story. 3 of the one-story walls are 1/2 brick and 1/2 EIFS (no discount for 1/2 coverage). The dining area next to the kitchen has a protruding window box, as does the front parlor room. There are also 3 EIFS clad 2nd story dormers. The good news is that there is no crawl space.

  • Base Fee..................$385
  • 8 sides with EIFS.... $400
  • 3-2nd Stories...........$225
  • 2 Window Boxes.....$100
  • 3 Dormers................$..75
  • Detailed Entry..........$..75
  • ...TOTAL..............$1260.00

Most typical homes are between $600 and $800, although some are as much as $2,600. That is a lot of money to spend on an evaluation, but the risks of not having one performed are much greater. When there is considerable damage to the sheathing and wall cavities the repairs can quickly rise to the tens of thousands of dollars. The absolute worst case is for complete EIFS system removal and repair to the sheathing, framing and complete recovering of the home's exterior. This is rarer here in Utah, but I have seen many homes with no other option.

Our online order form will put clients in the financial ballpark for an inspection, but that fee is subject to change if the job is more involved than was described on the order form. The fee structure is set according to the amount of time that will be needed to evaluate the structure. The amount of windows and doors can also significantly affect the fee.

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E&O insurances are not available for EIFS testing like they are for traditional home inspections...... Sorry! When they become available I will be one of the first in line to obtain coverage. For now this means that you will be paying solely for the inspectors professional opinion. If we make a mistake there is no insurance backing to cover the errors or omissions. This is why the Inspector's reputation and work ethic are so important.

Are you dealing with an established business or just a "Flash in the Pan" scam artist? I am embarrassed to point out that there are no government regulations, agencies, or licenses to oversee the stucco inspection industry in Utah and protect the consumer from the inexperienced and the impostors. Be especially careful in your selection of stucco Inspectors. To date I only am aware of only two other EIFS inspectors with specific EIFS stucco inspection training in the state of Utah.

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  1. We recommend that you select the inspector that will provide you with the most accurate and detailed information?
  2. If there is water damage to be found, then you want your inspector to find it?
  3. Is your inspector concerned with pleasing the real estate agents to gain future work?
  4. Or is your inspector willing to report the straight facts, regardless of whose feathers it ruffles?
  5. If you have to go to court, is your inspector willing to testify in your behalf?
  6. What does you inspector's "EIFS Moisture Intrusion Report" look like?
  7. Is there a sample available for you to view online?
  8. Does the report clearly document the areas with elevated moisture content?
  9. Does the report have pictures of the areas that need attention?
  10. Is your inspector willing to make the repairs?

The last question is a trick question...... I strongly warn against using a stucco inspector who is also willing to make the repairs. This is a conflict of interest. It is just like hiring the termite exterminator to perform your termite inspection. If they find termites, then they stand to make another $1,300 to $10,000 to get rid of them....... Mixing the inspecting and the repairing is a conflict of interest.

Selecting Michael Leavitt & Co you will ensure that you receive the most thorough EIFS Moisture Intrusion Evaluation available. The only more thorough evaluation would require either:

  • 1) Complete removal of the EIFS system to reveal the sheathing underneath.
  • 2) Involve the use of some sort of futuristic x-ray vision that has not yet been invented.

We strictly adhere to the GAHI testing protocols and our report is second to none in Utah.

|Why Choose Us?|How Much?|Insurances?|Whom To Choose?|Sample Report|Order Online|

  • CLICK HERE to view a sample EIFS Moisture Intrusion Report.

|Why Choose Us?|How Much?|Insurances?|Whom To Choose?|Sample Report|Order Online|

  • Click Here to order your EIFS Moisture Intrusion Evaluation online.
We look forward to performing your EIFS Moisture Intrusion Evaluation.
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