There is lots of information about stucco, stucco damage, and stucco inspections on the internet. I have been gathering information to make this site a one stop shopping experience. You will notice that the links below are very EIFS heavy and not geared towards traditional stucco. This is due to the fact that nobody thought there was any issue with hardcoat stucco 10 years ago. In the last 5 years I have been on the forefront of those professionals adapting EIFS inspections to hardcoat stucco. It turns out that there is lots of damage behind both of these stucco systems.


    EIFS - Synthetic Stucco Damage - Read my EIFS article found in the long running Provo Daily Herald newspaper column "Inspecting Your Home."
  • Home Inspection EIFS Confrontation - Read the wonderful account of my confrontation with the real estate agents, installer, manufacturer's rep and the local sales rep. This was originally shared in the Monday Morning Messenger, a weekly long running online newsletter for inspectors.
  • My Very First EIFS Inspection - It was fun to flash back a decade ago when I was having to invent the wheel in my area for what has become known as the EIFS Moisture Intrusion Evaluation
  • Local Inspector's EIFS Error - The following was an experience shared in my regular Monday Morning Messenger. It was authored for home inspectors in an attempt to help them better report EIFS while performing normal home inspections. If we can learn from another's mistake, then we can better protect our clients.
  • - The definitive website devoted to kickout flashings and the damage that results from their omission.
  • Brennan Deposition - The founder of EIMA discusses whether EIFS is appropriate for stick framed housing.
  • Guide To EIFS Construction - PDF Download 3.5 megs - The EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA) has produced this great guide to modern EIFS construction.
  • EIMA Website Quotes - It is easy to see the bias of the EIMA website. As the EIFS Industry Members Association, they are in the business to put a positive spin on the industry as a whole.
  • EIMA Guidelines - EIMA produced some guidelines for inspectors inspecting existing housing stock. They discuss the need for caulking, floor expansion joints, kickout flashings, and deck ledger flashings.
  • Understanding Drainage Planes - The Building Science Institute has put together a great article that explains how water should best be drained from behind exterior cladding systems.
  • Complete EIFS Tear-Off - Here are ten great photos and description of a complete EIFS tear-off.
  • Stuart McMullen's EIFS Presentation - Mr. McMullen put on an excellent training for home inspectors at the American Institute of Inspectors' spring conference in Portland, Oregon.
  • Lawyer's Perspective - David W. Glen is a Texas lawyer specializing in EIFS and stucco cases. Reading his website gives a good understanding of EIFS and its history in the United States.
  • - My home inspection website devoted to the rest of the home beyond the stucco.
  • EIFS Industry Links

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