As a real estate professional faced with the issue of water entry damage in stucco, you might be finding yourself in the midst of a huge learning curve trying to find out just what you need to do. This website is set up to be a one stop learning center for you as you tackle the task at hand.

The first thing we want to do is assure you that Michael Leavitt and MLC Inspections, Inc. can perform the services that you need to help your transaction continue forth.

EIFS & STUCCO INFORMATION - We invite you to visit our Buyers page where we have many informational links for you to enjoy.

INFORMATION NEEDED - As an agent, you were probably alerted to the stucco issue during the normal home inspection process. The well intentioned home inspector obviously did his job by getting his client to enlist the services of a stucco specialty inspection firm, but at the same time he probably stirred up the issue to the point that nobody is getting any sleep until the stucco inspection gets performed.

BUYERS AGENTS - We are sensitive to the fact that you client, the buyer, wants to purchase a home free of water entry and damage behind the stucco. Our full moisture intrusion inspections can determine the water entry and damage levels and allow you to move forth in your transaction in an educated manner.

LISTING AGENTS - We are sensitive to the fact that you want the home to sell and that the burden to repair major water entry issues will most likely fall upon you and the seller to resolve. As a neutral third party, Michael Leavitt and MLC Inspections, Inc. have no vested interested over reporting or under reporting the issues.

PRESSURE & STRESS - At MLC Inspections, Inc. we understand the stress of the unknown and we strive to perform our EIFS and hardcoat stucco inspections in a professional manner that will both educate the interested parties and convey the real conditions without either overblowing or sugar coating the results. Since we are not trying to make money off repairs, we are able to report the conditions as they are without any ulterior motives. If there is damage and elevated moisture, then we will report it accordingly. If there is no elevated moisture and no issues needed corrective action, then we will freely report that as well.

NEUTRAL THIRD PARTY - As a neutral third party inspection firm we have no vested interest in making issues worse than they really are. We do not perform repairs and we accept no referral fees or kickbacks from stucco repair contractors, so we find ourselves in the position where we can shoot a straight shot.

EIFS & HARDCOAT INSPECTIONS - Whether your home is clad with EIFS synthetic stucco, hardcoat stucco, or stone, we specialize in performing these inspections. Moisture Intrusion Evaluations help assess the condition of the EIFS system by looking for visible installation flaws, conducting extensive moisture readings using electronic moisture devices, and then compiling the information in a detailed report.

FEES - Stucco inspection fees are expensive, yet they are worth the investment for the information provided. To see our fee schedule just click on the online order form and go to the fee section. You will notice that the fees are set in ranges, due to the differences in houses with similar square footage. The actual fee will be determined once we are onsite. Homes without fancy detailing and on level lots will be in the lower portion of the range, while fancier detailing and sloped lots with excessive ladder work will be in the higher portion of the range. If you can send us photos of each side of the home , then we can quote a firm inspection fee before going out to the property.

EXPERIENCE - Michael Leavitt was the first formally trained stucco inspector in Utah. With over a decade of stucco inspection experience in Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Idaho, he is well versed in all the major stucco systems.

SERVICES - Our stucco inspection services range from visual inspections to satisfy relocation companies and investors, to the most in-depth moisture intrusion evaluations. Our thorough inspection process helps protect your investment by providing you with information that you need to stop any damage in behind the stucco on your home.

HOUSE ACCESS - Being affiliates of the UCAOR we have the Realtor keycard to get us into the Wasatch Front keyboxes.

QUICK SERVICE - We provide emergency scheduling for those situations that just can't wait. When performing stucco inspections we also have to work around the weather as it is impossible to do when it is raining. We are also sensitive to the fact that many stucco inspections are part of a real estate transaction where timing is critical and we do our best to accommodate the needs of the transaction.

We look forward to performing your client's stucco inspection.

EIFS & STUCCO INFORMATION - We invite you to visit our Buyers page where we have many informational links for you to enjoy.
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